How to hide Intercom chat to use another chat/bot tool

We work with a number of clients that utilize Intercom for their customer support team and they are frequently interested in trying out another tool - often times including a chat bot to drive more conversations for sales. 

Maybe you want to use Drift for bot driven conversations or maybe have it replaced with HubSpot Messenger calendar booking. These are just two of the many options that we help our clients get setup with everyday.

Thankfully Intercom makes it pretty easy to hide their chat box from the pages where you would like to use something else. 

This help doc on their site goes crazy in-depth on how to do it, but no need to read all of it when it's super simple. 

Head to App Settings -> Messenger Settings -> then scroll down a bit. 


From there it's simple to add in the URL for the pages that you don't want to display Intercom on and be sure to hit Save.


That's all there is to it! Now you can setup anything you would like on those pages and don't need to worry about your different tools overlapping with each other. 

**One other quick note - there is an edge-case with identified users being able to see both, since Intercom does not have a rule for hiding the icon. All you need to do is add this simple line of code to the pages you want it hidden and you'll be all set.

<style>#intercom-container { display:none; }</style>

Need help getting something like this setup on your site - don't hesitate to reach out and we will be happy to help.