How to login to multiple accounts of the same software

We work with a lot of companies that use the same software platforms for their sales and marketing. Some of these tools like HubSpot have great options when it comes to managing multiple accounts, enabling agencies/contractors/etc to login once - then switch between accounts. 

But other tools like Drift, Marketo, Intercom, etc require you to have a unique login to each and don't allow you to be logged-in to more than one from the same browser. 

Here are two quick tricks to make it much easier for managing these:

#1 - Use Google Apps or Gmail for all of your logins.

Google makes it ultra easy to have more than one email address. It's as simple as adding a + then whatever you need for each customer. 

So something like and everything continues to go to your same email account. (You can change customer123 to literally anything you want.)

Additional tip -> get smart at your naming convention to keep track of each login. We try to keep them ultra short, so they are much easier to remember.

#2 - Use different Profiles within Google Chrome to stay logged-in.

So now you have different logins, but it's a hassle to have to log out and back in whenever you need to look in a different account. With Chrome Profiles you can stay logged-in to all of them at once and just have different Chrome windows. (Each profile maintains it's own cookies, so you won't run in to login issues.)

In Chrome click on your name in the top right corner of the window and go to Manage People. From there you can Add a Person and customize the name for each account you need. 

Setup Chrome Profile

Now login to whatever account it is that you need and you'll be separate from everything else that you're doing in Chrome. 

I personally have 12 different Chrome profiles that I use to switch between different customers and ensure that I'm staying organized.

Hopefully this helps you save some time logging in and out of all your tools and focusing on the real work that needs to be done. 

What other pointers do you have for managing logins across many different tools?