Migrating Old Conversations

We work with companies every day that are moving to a new chat tool, helpdesk, or other system that manages the conversations with their customers. Today more than ever it is important to ensure that you can quickly and easily talk to your customers. Business happens through conversations - let’s make it easy!

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So one of the things that immediately comes up when we start to talk about this migration is, “How are we going to migrate our old chats/tickets/etc?”

Many systems have a way to export the past conversations, but then it comes down to finding a way to import into the new system… and those options typically don’t exist.

Let’s think about these old conversations for a minute and ask ourselves a couple questions:

  1. What am I going to do with them once I migrate them over?

  2. How often will I look at them?

  3. When will these conversations not be needed anymore?

  4. Is there going to be an overlap in time to access both systems during the switch?

  5. If we lost all of these conversations today - what would happen?

These are a lot of questions that ultimately boil down to -> Do I actually need them?

After working through this with a bunch of companies, we typically end up going one of two ways - neither of which is to migrate the old conversations.

  1. Keep the old system active for a month or two, so if there is a need to look back it’s there.

  2. Export the conversations and store them in a Google Sheet. Then if there is a need to access, a quick search will pull up the past request.

Here’s a quick video that walks through the process above - if you prefer video over reading. 😉