What to Look for in a New Marketing Hire at the End of 2019

As you prepare to make your final hires of 2019, it's important to look ahead and consider the impact they'll have on the company for years to come. As the next decade approaches, companies need marketing experts who are as up to date with the trends as they are well-versed in common practices. 

Keep these criteria in mind as you embark on the next hiring process.

What Will 2020 Require?

Entrepreneur identifies the top four 2020 marketing trends companies should be aware of in the new year. According to Econsultancy, the ability to identify and respond to emerging technology, especially voice search and smart speakers, will prove immeasurably valuable as your company develops its 2020 marketing strategy. 

The right hire will demonstrate awareness and predictive problem-solving ability; they know how to integrate and transition new ideas and presentations into existing models to establish a streamlined marketing strategy that doesn't disrupt or confuse your audience. 

Be sure to check for a conscious awareness of future trends that runs parallel to current practices. In doing so, you can assure that your next marketing hire is capable of performing their job well and will contribute more to the company in the long run.

Look for Leadership Qualities

According to The Hire Talent, good leaders have high levels of emotional intelligence—look for candidates who communicate and express themselves in a direct and clear manner. Even if they aren't running a team, everyone who works in your company should demonstrate the key qualities of a good leader. 

The ability to receive, appreciate, and respond to feedback is invaluable, but it's a skill many people lack. A good marketing hire will also be willing to collaborate and strike the perfect balance between independence and teamwork. Personality tests and psychometric profiling during the hiring process can help you choose candidates with the strongest leadership qualities or potential.

Encourage a Versatile Mindset

Marketing theory only goes so far; today, modern marketers are at the forefront of innovation. Anyone with a fixed philosophy that ultimately makes them opposed to change is not the right fit for your position. According to Digital Marketing Institute, modern marketing hires should also be flexible, inquisitive, and goal-oriented.

The right marketing hire in the next year will understand that their career will require lifelong learning and the willingness to adapt; focusing on this and asking open questions during an interview to assess how aware and in-touch a candidate is with their marketing landscape will be beneficial for your company.

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