Using people instead of bots

We all love it when you can replace a job that was previously handled by a person with a bot, new piece of software, or simplified process. But there are times when a person can handle a situation far better than a bot or automated tool ever could. 

Here are the top scenarios you should avoid using a chatbot and instead have a person handle the conversation on your website. 

  1. A highly qualified company is visiting the website - with the use of a tool like Clearbit Reveal you can very easily understand the companies visiting your website then route those visitors directly to the appropriate sales rep. Just like you how you put your top reps on the largest potential deals, make sure you doing that from the moment they land on the website.

  2. Bot engages a top lead, immediately hand off - the largest benefit of a bot is that it can engage with a ton of visitors without wasting anyone’s time. But when you get someone engaged don’t just send them through to book a meeting or say a rep will follow-up - they are already engaged right now! Get them on the phone immediately or start the sales process via chat. You will cut out all of those people that book a meeting then don’t show up.

  3. Known leads already in the sales process - your sales team is spending a lot of time to get people to buy, then a bot engages with one of them and there is a weird experience or they get targeted with a top of the funnel offer - this slows down the sale. Any lead that is currently an opportunity should have prompts that immediately bring them to the rep they are working with to keep the line of communication clean.

There are certainly other times when a person will improve the experience compared to a chatbot, but this is a great place to start. 

We work with companies everyday to build out these types of setups across chatbot tools like Drift and Hubspot. Contact us to learn more about how we can help or chat with our bot ;-)