Block Free Email Addresses in HubSpot

HubSpot provides an awesome list of more than 4700 free email domains. Within the product it is available from within the forms tool to automatically prevent people from submitting from any of these domains, which can be rather convenient.

But a lot of times you might want to allow these submissions to come through and then handle filtering them from within your marketing in other ways.

It’s never a great idea to entirely block people from submitting a form, who knows they could end up engaging with your content and ultimately update their email address.

What we’ve found successful is to take these free email domains and use them as a list criteria in HubSpot to them maybe stop nurturing, remove from certain types of emails, not sync to a CRM, etc.

Only thing you need to do is semicolon delimit all of the domains then add into list tool in HubSpot. If you want to save the time from properly formatting the data yourself, just copy the first column from this Google Sheet then paste into the contains filter on the email in HubSpot.

(When you paste it will take ~5 seconds or so to show up - it’s a bunch of data to process.)

Or what this quick video walkthrough of the entire process

Hope this is helpful! Share how you’ve used this or a similar strategy to improve your marketing in the comments below.